Pmzero Wellness Bikes

Pmzero electric bikes is an innovative company that designs and builds stylish and effective bikes that allow for an ideal body position


Pmzero Rent

Pmzero rent

Pmzero Rent Hotel 2021 has a proposition that is ready to engage your business.

Pmzero deliveries

The electric bicycle for food deliveries. We have helped to create a new job for young people of good will, all hired directly.

Wellness Bikes

Since classic e-bikes became fashionable, we at Pmzero have felt the need to invent something that wasn’t there. 

what’S behind a

Unique wellness

Research & Design

Clearly, the e-bike business is expanding rapidly, and with that growth comes innovation as manufacturers try to stand out in order to capitalize on this trend.


Electric bicycles are a popular mode of transportation among city dwellers since they offer a quick and convenient alternative to driving.

Who is it for

There are several e-bike advancements that cater to the more adventurous demographic, in addition to urban commuters.

Pmzero - sMuoviti

The bikes

Bike as a warm-up tool or bike as a stand or jump tool. Whichever you choose between muscular and pedal assisted ebike will be just fine.

The Trainers

Meet Sophia, Giordano and Syria, your Pmzero wellness bike personal trainers.

The App

Our wellness bike will soon also have its own app where users can keep track of their ebike training.

Pmzero Rent Hotel 2021 is creating
the first 100 affiliate points

If you want to get involved and bring the news to your facility too, you can consult us to request all the relevant information.

Install the Pmzero App

A Pmzero app is part of our development of a set of tools to be used in conjunction with our ebikes. This app will allow a safer and more convenient use of ebikes by our users

Coming Soon Pmzero Rental App

Pmzero App Available in Google Play
Pmzero App Available on Apple Store
Pmzero Rent a Bike App


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