Against boredom and monotony​

Against boredom and monotony

the answer is wellness bike

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Podcast #5 - Against boredom and monotony - 04-04-2022
Wellness Bike
Podcast #5 - Against boredom and monotony

Training inside a gym certainly has its advantages, but who among us has never experienced the monotony of practicing exercises inside a room, perhaps after a day of work always locked inside four walls?

Diversifying, intriguing and stimulating

Diversifying, intriguing and stimulating are three clear terms in PMZERO’s mission which has made the dynamism of its ideas its trademark.

A company in constant excitement and turmoil could only get to work to combat boring training and their wellness bike is the answer.

For example, using an exercise bike is a way to keep fit, to burn some excess calories but the mind does not sweep because you are in a closed environment and it should not be overlooked that not all exercise bike saddles are comfortable.

An ergonomic and comfortable saddle can help

The Pmzero wellness bike not only takes you to the discovery of ever-changing landscapes, but also comes with an ergonomic and comfortable saddle that does not make you feel the classic pain in the butt when you finish the activity.

Do not neglect the posture

The posture assumed should not be neglected either: in the exercise bike the back usually remains in a straight position while the wellness bike guarantees an ergonomic position.

The newfound freedom

Being able to enjoy the benefits of cycling in an external environment will be a priceless feeling, of newfound freedom, especially since we still have vivid memories related to the days of forced confinement by the red zones and the lockdowns linked to the pandemic. Not only will a wellness bike not make you feel tired or painful, but above all it will make you forget boredom.

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