Bicycling and prostate discomfort

Bicycling and prostate discomfort

Two worlds destined to meet

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Podcast #13 - Bicycling and prostate discomfort
Wellness Bike
Podcast #13 - Bicycling and prostate discomfort

Being able to devote oneself to one’s passions is certainly relaxing and this is true regardless of age.

Release the tensions

Doing physical activity, such as cycling, allows you to release the tensions accumulated daily. However, it is essential not to underestimate some annoyances related to cycling, both for those who move in an amateur way and for those who have made cycling a sport to be practiced consistently.

Preventing is paramount

Fortunately, these are annoyances that can be prevented and limited by using the right precautions but above all by choosing bicycles designed and studied specifically to reduce the occurrence of problems, where possible. Let us dwell in particular on male cyclists and prostate related discomfort.

Prostatitis and cycling

Some medical specialists, geriatricians, urologists, advise against cycling, especially if in the presence of prostatitis, as most of the saddles would compress the very area where the prostate itself is located, worsening the discomfort.

There are also other pathologies that complicate cycling, for example those linked to inflammation of the nerves or even hemorrhoids and / or anal fissures. To solve it, it is not enough to think of using a softer saddle or resorting to drugs to calm the symptoms but an upstream choice must be made, a sort of bet for prevention.

The Pmzero Postural Bike

A suitable bicycle must be carefully chosen: the Pmzero Postural Bike was created with this objective and allows the right ergonomics both in the traditional and electric version.

Meet the Wellness Bike from Pmzero

Curiosity arises spontaneously, how is it possible not to rest and compress the “butt area” even just by getting on the saddle? The answer comes from the Pmzero wellness bike: the entire set-up of the bike has been redesigned with in mind the anti-inflammation of the prostate.

Only the ischial bones are placed and rubbed on the saddle. With this innovative bike you will reduce the annoying pressure and the onset of tingling in the private parts. Thanks to the Postural Bike, cycling will not have to become a memory from the past, it will be the way to always live new and exciting adventures…Those yes, all to remember!

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