The revenge of two wheels

The revenge of the two wheels

World bicycle day and the objectives of the 2030 agenda decree the revenge of two wheels

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Where do we see e-bikes in this panorama
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Podcast #10 - The revenge of the two wheels
Wellness Bike
Podcast #10 - The revenge of the two wheels

Recognizing the benefits associated with the use of bicycles is not just an isolated thought of some enthusiasts and companies such as Pmzero.

Make sustainable mobility a real life motive

There are companies who have decided to make sustainable mobility a real life motive, but it is above all an international recognition that comes from the United Nations who have established a World Bicycle Day for June 3.

National and international objectives

As well as the 2030 agenda – which contains a series of both national and international objectives to find answers to global problems – there are 17 sustainable development goals for a better future.

Among these UN objectives we find, for example, the 11th which aims at the creation and promotion of sustainable cities and the 13th objective relating to interventions and urgent measures to reduce emissions.

Where do we see e-bikes in this panorama

E-bikes find ample space for diffusion within this panorama. The Pmzero company conceives the concept of ergonomic well-being: producing quality traditional bicycles, high-performance e-bikes, with batteries that have a duration that guarantees not only on short journeys.

The basis of a new lifestyle

But not only that, Pmzero makes wellbeing the basis of a new lifestyle, to be embraced, making itself a promoter of movement also by coining the slogan “Move out” which combines physical activity on the saddle of a bike with the use of the bike as a real tool.

The bicycle as a protagonist

A versatile sportsmanship: moving therefore, towards a real change in the overall lifestyle. The bicycle becomes and will become more and more a protagonist: the means to move easily for work, during free time and during physical activity.

Whether in the e-bike or traditional version, the bike will be the means that will return oxygen to the cities, making them livable, safe and healthy again.

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