Eicma Pmzero electric bicycle

Eicma Pmzero electric bicycle

From product launch to launch of new services

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Podcast #20 - Eicma Pmzero electric bicycle
Wellness Bike
Podcast #20 - Eicma Pmzero electric bicycle

Fans will surely know what we are talking about: when Eicma is named it refers to the cycle and motorcycle show held at the Milan fair.

More about Eicma

It has origins dating back to around 1914 and is held once a year. It wants to represent an important moment to gather not only enthusiasts but also entrepreneurs who can find space there to exhibit the most interesting news in the sector.

Initially born for motor vehicles, it has also become the reference point for the world of moorcycles, and recently the e-bikes, as a testimony that times are changing and even this event cannot be exempt from the news.

Electric bicycles are spreading and not just for leisure.

Multiple services in our cities, from delivery to mail delivery, municipal police, all rely on this new green way of traveling nowadays.

Marco Mazza could not fail to present his own innovation at Eicma: if visitors thought they had already seen everything, they had not yet found Pmzero and their wellness e-bike.

Eicma for Pmzero was not just a showcase

It was the moment to make known how local craftsmanship can meet the future. Innovative creativity is precious not only for solving the shared and annoying problems, “related to pain in the seat when pedaling”, but also and above all it served to Marco Mazza not to stop to invent only the product but also to think about a world of services that revolve around the bicycle.

Being good and competent salespeople is not enough, today there is the roar of the Internet, we need customizations and services dedicated to after sales and this last aspect was very clear to Marco Mazza.

A world of services around the wellness e-bike

When you buy a product often then the abyss opens, in case of problems or needs: here Pmzero is a guarantee in this sense too! He created the niche product and built a world of services around it: the possibility of short and long-term rental with advantages for customers and affiliates, from rental to purchase that is made by framing the QR code on the vehicle.

The purchase is covered by the guarantee provided for by law but in the case of repairs there are also substitutes and, if all this were not enough, for the faithful users who, through word of mouth, procure new customers and sales, the possibility of having in turn a commission.

In the face of all this, it is appropriate to say: with Pmzero nobody will be left on foot!

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