Electric bike Pmzero wellness bike: Welcome to ORObici​

Electric bike Pmzero wellness bike: Welcome to ORObici

The world changes, Pmzero changes the delivery

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Wellness Bike
Wellness Bike
Podcast #15 - Pmzero changes the delivery

The world moves fast and change has become the engine that drives it, even if there is the risk of not being able to keep up with the times.

Innovation is key

And with a society that is increasingly technological and demanding, this could lead to difficulties for all those companies that are unable to innovate and renew themselves. It is no coincidence that the Pmzero company sensed this need and put itself at the service of change, ready to innovate the world of delivery as well.

The delivery business is on high demand

Being more and more in a hurry means having less and less time, therefore we are looking for services and people able to simplify our life: here we are facing the birth of the gig economy, a fluid way of working to put supply and demand in communication, sometimes also assisting with platforms and applications, with the aim of offering a fast and widespread service.

Alternative job opportunities arise

Home delivery services are depopulating and requests have seen a surge in recent years: workers, young and old, see these flexible forms as an alternative job opportunity to unemployment. City centers are often restricted traffic areas to which access is forbidden to cars, but the city center itself is one of the most profitable areas for a company that offers delivery services.

Ordering a delivery is now the norm

Who has never seen guys riding bikes more or less “lucky” pedaling with difficulty to be able to deliver dinner, pizza, a gift or the shopping ordered by the customer? Today the profitability of delivery companies can be increased by exploiting the technology of Pmzero electric bikes, which guarantee speed in travel, constant performance and greater safety for professionals.

A new e-bike has just born

Pmzero ORObici aims to address the sector of delivery offering great comfort to its drivers.

Pmzero wellness e-bikes are bicycles in step with the times, made to be unique even for work and not just for leisure: this is how the ORObici for food delivery were born.

Uncommon e-bikes adapted for deliveries, but real wellness bikes destined to change the way deliveries are made.

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