Electric wellness bikes give comfort in the saddle

Electric wellness bikes give comfort in the saddle

Pmzero's electric wellness bikes are the solution of excellence

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Podcast #18 - Electric wellness bikes give comfort in the saddle
Wellness Bike
Podcast #18 - Electric wellness bikes give comfort in the saddle

Riding a bicycle can cause from small to large discomforts, especially if we are seating in the saddle for a long time: the weight of our body, in fact, can lead to excessive and harmful compression of the perineal and vaginal area, located in the lower part of the pelvis.

The importance of a correct posture

Maintaining a correct posture when using two wheels is not only necessary to have a pleasant experience but also essential if you do not want to risk back pain, pain in the butt or, worse, annoying prostate disorders.

Many bike lovers often find themselves giving up their passion for these reasons but thanks to the innovation born from the genius inventor of Marco Mazza and patented by Pmzero we are facing a real revolution in the sector.

The Pmzero postural bike

This Italian company has long studied to find solutions in order to create a functional frame capable of improving the posture of cyclists, also with the help and advice of postural doctors and urologists.

And after almost ten years of research Pmzero has produced the wellness e-bike, the electric bike that is finally comfortable and that proves capable of offering a unique experience for everyone.

The Pmzero wellness e-bike

When you ride a Pmzero wellness bike the trunk of your body remains perfectly erect, you are not forced to remain uncomfortably bent forward and, in so doing, all the muscles are relaxed.

The handlebar guarantees the most ergonomic position for the wrists and the innovative saddle is made up of two plates, which support the weight of the body, thus relieving the delicate perineal and vaginal area.

Pmzero wellness bikes are designed and made in Italy

And if this were not enough, the technology and the artisan methods of Made in Italy used in the creation wink at a modern design and an elegant frame, with clean lines.

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