Electric wellnes e-bicycle & tourism

Electric wellness e-bicycle & tourism

Pmzero alongside tourism entrepreneurs

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Wellness Bike
Wellness Bike
Podcast #23 - Electric wellnes e-bicycle & tourism

The pandemic has hit several sectors hard: first and foremost certainly health, but also the economy has been and still is heavily tested.

The tourism and hospitality sector has struggled and is continuing to do so in order not to succumb to the crisis.

Get up again by finding solutions

Certainly we need state support but above all we also need the foresight and stubbornness that characterizes Italians, able to get up again by finding solutions that can give new life to hotels, agritourisms, B & Bs etc.

Networking and investing not only money but above all in innovative ideas. Economic aid and new investments are certainly needed, but there is a need to start again with a new spirit.

Supporting tourism entrepreneurs

Pmzero has ideas and proposals to support and be at the side of tourism entrepreneurs through Pmzero Network Rent Hotel, bringing advantages both for the customer and for the accommodation facilities.

The customer can choose a wellness bike directly from the site, reserving it for the desired period and will find it available at the affiliated facility closest to the area of interest: there is also a priority delivery, in this case the bike will already be delivered to the desired structure.

You can count on an already established network of affiliates

The tourist facilities that choose to join will be able to count on an already established network of affiliates. Is all this not enough? If in the end the customer does not want to leave the wellness bike, because he is in love with the experience, and decides to buy it, then all he has to do is to take a picture of the QR code placed on the bike to start the purchase procedure.

Once the sale is complete, everyone will be satisfied: the customer will receive the bike at home and the affiliate will receive their commission.

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