Keeping hydrated when cycling​

Keeping hydrated when cycling

A precious advice

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Wellness Bike
Wellness Bike
Podcast #8 - Keeping hydrated

Keeping hydrated when cycling: a precious advice from the Team at Pmzero.

Introducing the right amount of fluids is essential to maintain the physiological well-being of our body and is also useful for prevention.

Organize yourself

Our body, in fact, is made up of over 60 % of water. When preparing for physical activity, we organize ourselves: from the most suitable outfit for what we have planned to any equipment that could be used, but we must not forget the drinks, precious allies to reintroduce the liquids that we will lose during the activity itself.

Attention to details

Pmzero is a company attentive to details: this attention is revealed both in the act of producing electric and traditional bicycles, which do not neglect any aspect, because no detail is trivial for them, but in the same way it wants to devote time and attention also to some useful tips, such as the one relating to the importance of hydration when cycling.

Reintroduce liquids, minerals and salts

Aspects such as those related to the external temperature also affect the water balance (obviously with the heat you sweat more and liquids are lost more quickly) and the duration of the activity itself.

Drinking water is essential to reintroduce liquids and mineral salts that will be lost while cycling but beware of excesses: the right amount of water must be introduced. Some suggestions seem obvious but it is good to remember them:

Don’t do before cycling

  • You should not drink a lot of water all together before starting to ride a bike or drink it all together when you stop or during breaks.
  • You should not wait until you are thirsty before drinking.
  • Iced or too cold drinks should not be introduced, especially if you are sweaty.
  • You shouldn’t eat too: Heavy or high-calorie meals before activity.

In conclusion

So movement is essential for our well-being as we sweat, eliminate toxins, regenerate but don’t forget to reintroduce lost fluids.

The reminder of a company like Pmzero that proves that have wellness at heart… At three hundred and sixty degrees.

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