Pmzero offers bike rent

Pmzero offers bike rent

All inclusive!

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Podcast #21 - Pmzero offers bike rent
Wellness Bike
Podcast #21 - Pmzero offers bike rent

Long-term rental is a well-established and widespread formula for motor vehicles while bicycle rental is spreading now. This is involving tourist resorts but not only: green mobility is the future but not all bicycles are the same and not even the formulas of rental proposals.

Pmzero travels alongside companies with the Bike Long Rent formula aimed precisely at companies, gyms, sports clubs, hotel services, etc.

Let’s discover the advantages together below

For entrepreneurs, the purchase of a considerable number of bikes is not a small investment, even in terms of maintenance. No matter how we look at it, above all, there is the maintenance aspects of the business to be taken care of. this allows the business to always guarantee a high standard of the products and services offered.

Each bike model requires trained and specialized personnel able to recognize and solve problems quickly and with decisive interventions.

Is Maintenance a burden?

Therefore, a further burden on entrepreneurs is to find subjects able to cover this fundamental service. Pmzero however, not only offers bicycles with high quality standards, both in the e-bike and traditional versions, but above all thinks about simplifying the life of those realities that choose the rent formula.

Hence, the purchase and management costs are canceled out, through a package which includes everything internally, against a fixed monthly fee.

The winning formula

Today we need proposals such as the one conceived by Pmzero: companies and entrepreneurs of large or small realities are already overwhelmed with tasks and bureaucracy, to have a wellness bike rental formula, electric or not, to be used in the most varied ways, at their own pleasure and based on its mission is a plus that should not be underestimated.

Especially if the key proposed is that of an all-inclusive formula, with a single ambitious goal: to speed up and streamline without neglecting quality.

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