Pmzero & the electric wellness bike

Pmzero & the electric wellness bike

The Romagna Riviera embraces wellness

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Podcast #22 - Pmzero & the electric wellness bike

The Romagna Riviera has always been synonymous with fun and good food. Sports enthusiasts and especially bicycle lovers can count on over 120 km of cycle paths that allow you to get to know the area, without being limited to seeing it from behind a window.

More relaxation and less stress

The ability to get to the beach on a bike even allows you to not have to think about parking! So more relaxation and less stress, both for young and old who move in groups and for families.

The waterfront cycle path starts from the port of Rimini and along its approximately 7 km reaches Riccione; it is a pleasant journey, nature captures the gaze and you can re-oxygenate your mind and body, relaxing and forgetting the chaos of cities wrapped in the grip of smog.

It is essential to choose the right vehicle

It is an experience and a path to try in life but it is essential to choose the right vehicle: a comfortable bicycle, just like the one that can be rented thanks to the Pmzero Network Rent service.

The guarantee of Pmzero is the quality of their bikes: sure of the study behind the product, they thought of a version of their own “counter-current” bike: this is the name of a traditional pedal bicycle, to be used without the need for electric aid.

With a Pmzero wellness bike pedaling will not be difficult

This is because pedaling will not be difficult or heavy even on the beach, just as Gabriele, the most famous lifeguard in Italy and testimonial of Pmzero, is keen to remember.

The conformation and ergonomics of this product make it as unique as the experience of a sunset directly by the sea is unique.

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