Wellness Bike
Wellness Bike
Pmzero Wellness Bike #3

Pmzero Wellness Bike. The revolution is already here.

What is it about
Since classic e-bikes became fashionable, we at Pmzero have felt the need to invent something that wasn’t there.

After 10,000 hours of study and research, our first wellness bike was born. Thanks to this new electric bicycle, the world of cycling has changed considerably.

Who is it for
Electric bikes are becoming increasingly popular in all segments, conquering more and more cyclist users of all ages.

How is it different
The Pmzero Wellness bikes are recognized as the revolution of the traditional bicycle. They have been designed to be pain free and to circulate endorphins quickly.

Born as medical bicycles, in fact initially it was the antiprostate bicycle par excellence, then working on finishes such as: carbon, aluminum and ad hoc components, starting from 2018, Pmzero launched its first handcrafted collection and immediately received the award EICMA Start Up.

In conclusion
But how to choose the ideal electric bike? Simple, choose the innovative one. The Pmzero Wellness Bike, the one that will make you live your experiences, on two wheels like never before.

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