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Pmzero Wellness Bike sMuoviti

Hi from Pmzero, a company specializing in e-bike production.

Today I am here to introduce you to a complete novelty, the e-bike revolution straight from Italy.

This is how it landed in the United States, Pmzero Smuoviti, the first wellness bike in the world, Made in Italy.

From today, thanks to this third millennium pedal innovation, you can exercise outdoor, following the video courses that you can bring with you on your smartphone.

Pmzero Smuoviti is not just an electric Wellness bike, which does not hurt your bottom with its 100 km runtime, but it is a discovery made on a human scale, for a natural saddle position. A discovery born from a scientific medical study that was carried out over eight years. In Pmzero Smuoviti, the three points of contact, saddle, handlebars and pedals have been revisited and the result is astonishing!!!

Thanks to the Pmzero Smuoviti Wellness Bike, you will no longer feel pain in the areas resting on the saddle, the muscles of your arms and neck will no longer hurt and thanks to the thrust push you will have 30% more pedaling power. The buoyancy effect will put your endorphins into circulation quickly.

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