Podcast #11 - Wellness Bike and B&B Tourism
Wellness Bike
Podcast #11 - Wellness Bike and B&B Tourism

Wellness Bikes and B&B Tourism

Pmzero wellness bikes are at forefront of an emerging tourism formula and a service that can make b & b unbeatable.

Short stays are the norm

The economic scenario has changed in recent years, the formulas of short breaks, short trips, have become increasingly widespread, with fewer overnight stays than in the past, but with a higher frequency.

This testifies to a change in people’s lifestyle: the need to disconnect, take a break from the chaotic life, even if only for a weekend or a few days.

Self cater, no agency is needed

These agile tourism formulas often pass through self-organization, through the Internet, without involving travel agencies.

Short vacation is not synonymous with passivity and boredom, on the contrary, the activities are organized in detail in order not to waste the time available, the goal is to live experiences, whether they are naturalistic, gastronomic or cultural.

At the same time, the trend is increasingly towards the green: to get out of the frenzy of everyday city life, even if only for the weekend.

B&B are the front-runners

The preferred structures for these purposes seem to be Bed and Breakfasts: thanks to their versatility, they do not bind customers for a large number of overnight stays and also offer a relaxing atmosphere or surrounded by greenery, ideal for regenerating oneself.

To this are often added a series of interesting services and the Pmzero concept also revolves around the world of services when it proposes an agile, flexible and dynamic formula for renting bicycles, whether these are electric or traditional. However, in a wellness version, where the well-being is always at the center.

A new rental formula

Simplifying what seems complicated, the rental formula designed by Pmzero allows the customer, for example, to rent one or more wellness bikes as needed, for the desired days and to also find them directly delivered to the desired accommodation facility through the “priority formula”.

The duration is also free to choose from 1 day to longer periods.

For their part, accommodation facilities increasingly need to be supported by partners who understand the needs and know how to provide agile responses, which do not require binding investments but flexible formulas that can be agreed on the basis of evolving needs. The rental proposed by Pmzero with the fleet of wellness bikes is the answer to these requests for flexibility.

Cutting the costs with Pmzero

No cost for the purchase of the fleet of vehicles. An all-inclusive formula with the provision not of ordinary bikes but of real wellness bicycles, designed and attentive also to non-negligible details such as ergonomics and well-being of those who will have to use them.

The rental in the Pmzero long-term formula, has innumerable advantages for the affiliates: no entrance fee, targeted assistance, coverage for maintenance and tax deductibility of costs.

Final thoughts

A revolution is going through the way of vacationing, and Pmzero wellness bikes are the ideal partner in this revolution.

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