Podcast #12 - Serving the hotel businesses
Wellness Bike
Podcast #12 - Serving the hotel businesses

Electric bike Pmzero wellness bike: serving the hotel businesses, a winning combination.

Conquer customers choice

Within the tourism sector, competition runs faster than boredom, it is no longer enough to conquer customers with the comfort of the structure and rooms, cleanliness and hygiene, courtesy and helpfulness of the staff.

These have become aspects, now taken for granted. The customer today is demanding, the holiday is experienced as a moment of well-deserved relaxation after physical and / or psychological fatigue, a moment to regenerate.

Focusing on complementary services

Today many of the offers proposed by the accommodation facilities seem to have already been seen or already lived. This is why it can be a winning choice to focus on the complementary services that can be offered.

What you bring home after a holiday is the experience that we will be able to preserve. There are various options that hotels can offer: trips and recommended routes to discover the most beautiful and evocative places, recreational activities that involve everyone, from adults to young people to children.

Standing alongside entrepreneurs

Bike rental finds the right place in all this: Pmzero is a company that stands alongside entrepreneurs in the tourism sector with a proposal that will allow them to offer an innovative bike rental service.

In fact, there is also to take in account, those who have not gone to the hotel, and want to take a bicycle trip to discover the peculiarities present in the location chosen for our holiday, and find an unguarded, old-fashioned bike park, which makes them live an unforgettable experience.

Pmzero offers a different formula

Pmzero, on the other hand, offers hoteliers a different formula that guarantees full satisfaction, for a bike that is not the usual bike that we all may have already tried, but a wellness bike.

This can be had in both electric and traditional versions, which will allow you to move in maximum comfort thanks to the structure and a saddle that allow an ergonomic posture.

An ergonomic posture that will not make you feel the tiredness of pedaling or even just sitting on a bike: truly an unparalleled attention to detail.

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