Podcast #14 - Don't lie in the past try the Pmzero wellness bike
Wellness Bike
Podcast #14 - Don't lie in the past: try the Pmzero wellness bike

In fact, we might even just say: Don’t lie in the past, lie down on a Pmzero e-bike.

In common language, terms such as “pedal!”, and the expression “you wanted the bicycle, now get on and pedal” is used to convey a sense of fatigue, effort, waste of energy. But all this belongs to a legacy of the past.

What the creator of the wellness bike thinks

Marco Mazza, the creator of the Wellness Bike, could not agree in any way with such concept. He instead sees “pedaling” as a synonym of practicality and ergonomics. In his company, Pmzero, he has managed to patent a new pedaling posture that promotes and allows you to enhance the force that is conveyed to the peripheral muscles.

Extending the legs in your “pedaling”

The great discovery is revealed in the extension of the legs, which unexpectedly allows you to reach an increase in power of more than 30%, without experiencing tension in either the upper or lower limbs.

This might appear initially, an unnatural posture of cycling to the common cyclist, at least at first sight. Instead, only by trying the Wellness Bike will you discover and prove precious things such as ergonomics, which is not a revolution but the revolution compared to the previous bicycles overall build conception, to which are added careful details.

The build materials, engine and ergonomics

Materials such as carbon and aluminum, the Polini engine and customizable finishes. The position of the torso on the Wellness Bike thus allows and facilitates the thrust of the legs and consequently allowing for maximum performance with minimum muscle tension.

Maximum yield with minimum effort

Therefore, maximum yield with minimum effort is the result. For this reason many of the users on the plain opt for traditional use, without resorting to the support of the electric assisted pedaling: what better proof of comfort?

Fatigue is not felt and therefore the pleasure of pedaling is the protagonist. All this is possible thanks to the concept that is at the base of this bike, decidedly out of the ordinary both aesthetically and ergonomically.

Once in the saddle and given the first turns of the pedals, also strategically positioned, you will experience an extremely satisfying and complete experience.

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