Podcast #17 - Pmzero Wellness Bikes chooses the green
Wellness Bike
Podcast #17 - Pmzero Wellness Bikes chooses the green

Pmzero Wellness Bikes chooses green when our cities are suffocating under the blanket of pollution.

These days respiratory diseases linked to smog are increasingly on the rise, affecting adults and children indiscriminately. Local administrations are looking for solutions that go towards a green turning point, encouraging the use of alternative means and enhancing sustainable mobility, also promoting forms of sustainable tourism.

Riding a bike for the mind, the body and the environment

Here Pmzero proves to be a precious partner also in this project. Riding a bicycle if practiced with a suitable bike that does not create or worse physical ailments is healthy not only for the mind and for the body, but also for the environment.

Pmzero does not forget to look beyond the present, with a view to a future that safeguards the planet which belongs to everyone and which we are all called to take care of.

The comfort of a wellness bike

Even a small gesture like using the bicycle turns out to be a precious help. However, it should not be forgotten that it must not be annoying or worse still painful to reach school, the office or go shopping. It must be comfortable and pleasant and for this the Wellness Bike is the means that looks to the future.

And when does the period of the long-awaited holidays arrive?

Why having to give up the convenience of the Wellness Bike? Pmzero does not neglect this moment either and proposes a solution for ecological tourism, through a Wellness Bike network also aimed at accommodation facilities, hotels, bed and breakfasts, etc.

Rediscover the rhythm of the passage of time by observing the world around us on a comfortable bicycle: the cities of art, the natural beauties, the itineraries and the more or less known roads will take on a new charm and this also thanks to the Wellness Bike.

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