Podcast #19 - Electric pmzero wellness bike birth
Wellness Bike
Podcast #19 - Electric pmzero wellness bike birth

We often hear about people who try the path of fame through innovative ideas: startups, brands and patents are born in search of the key to success. Some ideas will never be able to see the light, while others will turn out to be real innovations.

What else do you need to make a difference?
But if passion isn’t enough, what else do you need to make a difference? Marco Mazza is a man who can answer this question, he is the representation of tenacity, of believing in Made in Italy craftsmanship but above all he is a concentrate of passion and competence – qualities that pushed him to the construction of the Postural Wellness E-Bike .

He has always shown what it can do in construction and in inventing, a mind in motion and therefore could not stop at a static product. So here’s the idea:

A bicycle that totally changes the experience of riding two wheels
A totally Italian product, Bergamo’s pride but which will certainly not stop at the borders of this city or the Lombardy Region. What differentiates Marco Mazza’s personality as an inventor is the idea of ​​quality and comfort that are the basis of his bicycle, a bike made to measure for men but which required years of study and design.

From a childhood passion to reality
Passion like fuel on fire, which helps to create a product: Marco Mazza will start his idea from a childhood passion, that of the bicycle, which however hurt, and was annoying to use. And so he thinks, studies, gets informed and believes above all in the project of an innovative solution capable of solving the annoyances of the classic “butt pain” experienced by everyone, more or less, when riding a bicycle.

He does not only think about revolutionizing the saddle but revises the evolution of the bicycle in its entirety: breaking out of the known patterns to build a Wellness Bike that makes the best use of man-machine interaction.

Don’s stop creating
Marco Mazza, who dedicated the Wellness Bike to his father Francesco, did not stop at a fantasy of the mind but created a truly innovative bicycle.

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