Podcast #24- Electric bicycle or scooter A choice beyond the current fashion
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Podcast #24 - Electric bicycle or scooter?

A choice beyond the current fashion. Initially, the scooter was the gift that children asked for at Christmas, captivated by yet another television commercial and the fashion of the moment.

Are scooters a viable alternative today?

Then it was also presented in the apparently economical and agile version for adults, apparently destined to become a “must”, an alternative even to the motorized scooters, vespas or bicycle. But are we really sure that all that glitters is gold?

We might be tempted to try a scooter thanks to affordable prices, word of mouth or driven by curiosity. But we must not forget an important aspect that is: safety.

Protecting the safety of our customers

Pm-zero has chosen to continue to protect the safety of its customers, producing wellness bikes in step with the times, created to make cycling less tiring and more enjoyable. But Pm-zero e-bikes are first of all safe.

The streets of our cities are often bumpy, with uneven pavements: here, a scooter will hardly be able to guarantee stability in the presence of such conditions while the technological advanced e-bikes will instead be the ideal travel partner.

The Pm-zero offer

Pm-zero’s proposals meet all tastes and needs: from E-Urban bikes to E-MTBs without forgetting the E-Corsa. You can use them in the city, in the mountains, in the countryside – anywhere.

On the contrary, the scooter in its current state can only be used in the city, on linear routes and staying up to date on the indications imposed by law.

In conclusion

Finally, let’s not neglect this aspect: Pm-zero electric bicycles are born with lithium batteries that can guarantee serenity even in autonomy and duration. Try a scooter if your curiosity prompts you to do so, but choose an e-bike if you will have to use it frequently and especially if you want to travel safely.

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