Podcast #25- Pmzero Wellness Bike Solutions- Train plus bicycle a perfect holiday
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Podcast #25 - Pm-zero Wellness Bike Solutions

Train plus bicycle: a perfect holiday

Cycle tourism is finding widespread diffusion, attracting the interest of those who during their holidays want to fully experience different, adventurous experiences in contact with nature and without using the car to get around.

The cycle tourism revolution

There is more and more talk of cycle tourism and there are numerous and widespread roads designed and equipped for those who choose to move by bicycle along extra-urban arteries.

The positive results given by the growing numbers of this tourism formula are increasingly attracting the interest of the regions, which, also thanks to grants and funds, can boost investments for territorial networks aimed at this purpose.

Experiencing the wonderful landscapes up close

Priceless destinations can be reached by train and then continue only on two wheels, experiencing the wonderful landscapes up close: it is not enough just to make sure that the train to the chosen destination agrees to transport the bikes, consulting the General Conditions in advance, but it definitely goes thought of the very means by which we will move.

Folding bikes come in rescue

Pm-zero does not leave its customers at the mercy of this dilemma, it has the solution within the range of products offered: the folding bike! Any worries related to travel will disappear with this model of bicycle: all Trenitalia national trains, for example, allow the transport of folding bicycles.

If that weren’t enough, another simplification also comes from Pm-zero. You could be doubtful about buying a folding bicycle, to use it perhaps for the time of holidays: it would represent an additional cost that you would rather spend along our coveted journey.

And here is the Pm-zero solution

Pm-zero offers the possibility of both the purchase and the rental of folding bikes starting from only 2 euros per day, with the possibility of also opting for an electric bike model. The only headache remains to choose the itinerary!

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