Podcast #4 - Endorphins & well-being - 01-04-2022
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Podcast #4 - Endorphins & well-being - 01-04-2022

The great impact and importance of endorphins for our well-being

Physical activity has always been the best way to release tension, temporarily put aside our worries and regain psycho-physical well-being.

We sometimes hear the term endorphins, but what is it?
They are substances produced by our brain and have a precious function when they enter the circulation: they help us to soothe pain and stress by increasing our well-being.

Sport has an indispensable function
Sport has an indispensable function for the circulation of these substances. Our brain is like a “soldier” who when called into question responds to the call, producing beneficial chemicals – endorphins, in fact.

After practicing physical activity, preferably outdoors, you feel reborn and even a gray day immediately takes on a different aspect.

Take a bike ride
A bike ride, aboard the wellness bike designed by Pmzero, becomes the means to start the whole process: thanks to the ergonomics of this bike, muscle fatigue is considerably reduced, the joints are not stressed and through pedaling the the entire cardiovascular system will benefit from it… so no excuse will find more foundation!

Let’s be happy with no sense of guilt
We hear that even eating chocolate makes good mood return, true but not without guilt: while going out into the open air on board a wellness bike not only allows us to obtain a more complete result but we will also feel satisfied for not having yielded to the call of lounging on the sofa.

So no remorse, indeed, after a good ride we will feel a sensation so pleasant that we can’t wait to repeat the experience.

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