Podcast #6 - Get back in shape with the wellness bike
Wellness Bike
Podcast #6 - Get back in shape with the wellness bike

The calendar leaves no room for free interpretation. Although the climate changes that are affecting our planet open up to unexpected scenarios, what remains certain for now is the cycle of the seasons: after winter, spring always arrives and above all the long-awaited summer.

The importance of the physical aspect
When heavy clothing gives way to lighter clothing, the verdict is not long in coming. The importance of the physical aspect must not reach pathological levels but it is undeniable that it plays a role in today’s society.

The inevitable winter laziness
The winter period with shorter, colder, rainy days invites us to sit around a table and satisfy our senses with all kinds of delicacies, more or less healthy. If we then add up the holiday period, the accounts are soon done!

In spring we say “enough with the sedentary lifestyle”
The days get longer again, the temperatures become milder and the desire to be outdoors replaces the need for a sedentary lifestyle. Pmzero does not forget the return of the summer.

The wellness bike was also born for this need, which combines the need to get back in shape with a reduction in the general sense of fatigue: the sum of these two factors will certainly also facilitate constant physical activity.

Allowing optimal thrust and reducing muscular efforts
The version of the traditional wellness bike allows for optimal thrust and also significantly reduces muscular effort thanks to the ergonomics of the vehicle.

The economic benefits
Finally, using the bicycle to get back in shape also benefits the family economy: Pmzero responds to every need, both through the classic sales formula of the vehicle but also with an innovative rent formula at advantageous prices and all to be discovered!

Therefore no excuse will be able to hold up … even laziness will have to surrender.

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