Podcast #7 - E-bicycle riding
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Podcast #7 - E-bicycle riding

E-bicycle riding gets you big legs?

Bicycling, especially if done as a frequent activity, can raise the question of making your legs swell excessively.

Fake or real news?

Perhaps penalized by the fact that it is not always immediate to distinguish fake news from well-founded news.

In the specific case it is exactly the opposite: pedaling consistently allows you to have sculpted muscles.

What happens to your muscles when you pedal?

Without going into the medical or scientific field, let’s try to understand better why. In cycling, a set of muscles are involved such as glutes, calves, quadriceps hamstrings.

When pedaling is performed, a push is made that allows muscle elongation and therefore we cannot speak of enlargement of the leg muscles.

Regular bike vs a wellness bike

If you then use a traditional bicycle such as the one designed by Pmzero, you have a guarantee that you are riding a vehicle designed for wellness.

The “postural” bike

Around the construction of the wellness bike there is an accurate postural study relating also to the power of the thrust that can be obtained pedaling.

If the goal is to gain mass, other types of training must be combined with the bicycle, but if the aim you want to achieve is to stay in shape, fit and slim then the bicycle is really an excellent solution.

Biking as a pleasure not a pain

What is certain is that physical activity must absolutely not be painful and having a bicycle available like the Pmzero wellness bike makes training pleasant and when you go down you will not even feel that annoying pain in the buttock and back area.

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