Podcast #9 - About creativity
Wellness Bike
Podcast #9 - About creativity

How can creativity be learned? Get in the saddle!

Comfort & Creativity

When you find a niche sector, you try to explore it, grasping all its potential; and this is exactly what guided Pmzero in the conception of the Wellness e-bike: a bicycle that rides the times, a winning combination, the two “Cs”: comfort and creativity.

Problem solving

Getting on the bike to forget, to reflect, to find a solution, in short, to strengthen divergent, creative thinking. Having problem solving skills is a very popular soft skill today, in the business world and beyond, and is one of the keys to success.

What led to the wellness bike project

Being able to face unexpected events, find diversified solutions, solve problems through original ideas are skills well known to the Pmzero team and on which the entire project that led to the realization of the Wellness e-bike was based.

The innovative e-bike

It is right to compensate for mental strain by trying to make riding a bike comfortable for everyone: this is the key concept behind this innovative electric bike.

When we are faced with a difficulty we are all interested in the solution, but we do not evaluate the importance of the steps that will lead us to the resolution itself.

Reasoning beyond the rigid mental schemes

The aspect to be developed and strengthened is precisely that of reasoning beyond the rigid mental schemes and at times an apparently trivial gesture could help us: leaving the room, for example taking a bike ride, allows you to empty your mind to make room for new thoughts and especially to new ideas.

Creative thinking is the way forward

We can learn and train our mind to creative thinking, it will at some point be as naturally simple as riding a bicycle.

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