The concept of wellness

The concept of wellness

The concept of wellness surpasses that of fitness

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Activities bikes for fitness

For a long time we have heard of fitness as a concept linked to physical movement, useful for obtaining and toning a healthy body; Wellness embraces these aspects and pass them, going further into a unicum that incorporates the harmony of mind and body.

Physical improvement

Wellness, therefore, as an improvement of the body but not only: it is important to combine healthy nutrition, a positive mental approach and movement, to be able to embrace a lifestyle that sees body, mind and spirit balance.

There are no longer just those activities that allow you to have a tonic body, it is necessary to embrace a style that better the quality of life through activities that are not only addressed to the body, you need a change of mentality that turns and opens at all ages, allowing everyone to take care of themselves.

360 degree wellness

In addition to being guarantor with its products, totally Made in Italy, the company, of high quality standards, has made its way into the world of bicycles thanks to the foresight and the importance it attributes to well -being with three hundred and sixty degrees.

The planning behind the Pmzero e-bikes is enclosed in the push to the continuous innovation of the famous inventor Marco Mazza, who thanks to his creative mind creates bikes aimed at everyone capable of combining comfort with pleasure.

Experience and humility

In the past, Michelangelo’s genius said that “experience has little to teach if it is not lived as humility” and their experience and humility are essential components that underlie the creations and Pmzero products.

Pmzero bicycles allow anyone to keep fit the physique: thanks to the studies conducted on ergonomy they become bikes suitable for all ages and to all cycling styles, from the amateur to the most professional one.

Suitable for those who choose them to tone their body by eliminating toxins through pedaling and thus freeing endorphins, finally suitable for those who choose the comfort of e-bikes to treat new experiences by experiencing quality time by preferring the open air.

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Podcast #26 - The concept of wellness
Wellness Bike
Podcast #26 - The concept of wellness

The high production standards

Pmzero is certainly a bike-friendly company that has been able to combine the passion for bicycles with high production standards that made the realization of wellness bikes a mission aimed at wellness.

Thinking that electric bicycle is not synonymous with movement is a vetoust way of approaching fitness: thanks to an e-bike like that conceived by Pmzero, design and technology add up to obtain an electric bike as a result that does not compromise!

An idea of product that contains study, planning and foresight aimed at optimizing the result and which proves to be successful in a collection of electric and traditional bikes, suitable to satisfy all tastes but above all capable of being the means to be used to reach the Psycho-physical well-being without stress.

Bicycles for motor activity

Wellness Bike, therefore, that allow you to carry out outdoor activities without regrets. Bicycles should not be only the tool to reach a destination and from there to start pleasant or aerobic activity but they can be the motor activity themselves.

In fact, thanks to Pmzero e-bikes from the first pedaling, it is possible to perceive innovation, which has been able to break down the inconvenience of being in the saddle to a bike and on the other to give life to the conformation of the frame that allows you to reach an increase in power in the ride.

A solution therefore designed to maximize comfort and enhance man-machine interaction without requiring superhuman efforts and without creating joint pain or annoying frictions.

The importance of posture

The posture held in the saddle of the wellness bike makes the driving of the bike comfortable and consequently makes the same physical activity a real experience, characterized by the minimum effort and the maximum yield.

Yield in terms first of all of convenience and speed but also of resistance, which does not repent anyone of having chosen these e-bikes: rather, makes you regret not having tried them before! So if you decide to give priority to the concept of well -being with respect to the only meaning of body care, we have already taken an important first step.

The second step is that relating to the choice of the type of activity to be carried out and then you just have to choose the means to use to achieve the objective of global well -being.

Research and reflection

Be satisfied and passively settle for is never the best choice and this is why you cannot settle for a bike that is the usual bike, because we are not aiming for the usual physical activity, we are choosing to embrace a lifestyle and a status that implies research and Reflection: And the result of research must also be the bicycle that we will use to achieve our purpose.

The response to all this is certainly the Pmzero wellness bike. Apparently all bicycles seem the same: a saddle, a handlebar, two pedals, two wheels and a frame – but it is not so.

It is the study and the way in which these components are designed and combined with each other that diversify a standard product from what is revealed to be a product that transforms a simple motor activity into a real experience of well -being, in which only one goal imperates: feeling good and having fun.

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